Jule Chargers

Give your customers the amenities they need by offering ultra-fast DC charging of 150 kW with a seamless credit card payment system and industry leading uptime.

Jule Interactive Features

Multiple Charging Options

All of our units are equipped with both CCS and CHAdeMO charging ports, making them useable for any type of non-Tesla EV available on the market.

Convenient Payment Transactions

No network apps are required with our chargers. All of our stations equipped with a credit card reader that enables drivers to conveniently and seamlessly pay for their session by simply tapping with their credit card.

99% Uptime

Our innovative smart technology ensures that our stations are operational 99% of the time. Our EMS is able to detect and send a signal when any component of the station has an issue, drastically reducing diagnostics and response times.

Performance Capabilities

150 kW
Dispenser Max Power
OCPP 1.6
Compliance Network
Charger Uptime
Compliance Approved

Technical Details


40” x 90” x 12” (WxHxD)


300 lbs

Environmental Rating

-30 °C to 50 °C
-22 to 122 °F

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