Fleet & Transit Infrastructure

Electrify your fleet with a fully integrated future-proof solution

Operational Flexibility

Reduce deployment time and cost with our Jule Hub that ships pre-fabricated and easy to install on most pre-existing electrical site infrastructures. Maximize your operational efficiency by storing energy while your chargers are not being used to power your facility or use later.

Integrated Software

Gain full control of your fleet operations as well as your facility through our Jule Link EMS. Monitor your site, receive analytics and distribute energy efficiently where and when it is most needed to save on costs.

High Power Applications

Deploy DC fast chargers designed for high power applications with the ability to output up to 350 kW per port. For transit needs, our pantograph is capable of providing up to 600 kW of power with a fraction of the needed input from the grid.

Fleet Charging

Electrify your fleet with high power DC fast chargers while lowering your TCO.

Operational Cost Savings

Reduce both your CAPEX and OPEX with our energy storage technology. By storing electricity while your chargers are not in use, you can save on your utility bill by repurposing that energy where it is most needed during peak times and avoid demand charges.

Next-Gen Ready

Easily upgrade your existing infrastructure by simply adding to your Jule Hub’s battery capacity and deploy more chargers. Integrate renewable energy sources such as solar to further increase your efficiency and savings.

Electric Bus Charging

Transition your city towards its sustainability goals by supercharging mass transit.

Remove Grid Limitations

Easily deploy bus fast charging by minimizing electrical infrastructure upgrades to your city’s grid. Our energy storage technology gives you greater operational flexibility by allowing you to deploy in locations where grid power is limited.

Support Sustainable Goals

Meet your city’s sustainability goals and lower your GHG emissions by electrifying your transit infrastructure. Get analytics and track your carbon emission savings through our integrated Jule Link software.

Fully Integrated Ecosystem

Our solution is uniquely designed to provide your facility with the operational flexibility and efficiency it needs. Through our Energy Management System (EMS), optimize your energy distribution where and when it is most needed.