Ultra-Fast EV Charging

Future-proof your business and provide your customers with the green amenities they need all while generating savings on your utility bill.

Customer Traffic & Satisfaction

Make your business location(s) more attractive to customers, increase foot traffic and boost revenue by providing valuable amenities.

Cost Savings & Resiliency

Save up to $1M in CAPEX and $200k in OPEX with our technology all while providing your business with an uninterruptible supply of power during outages.

Favorable Financing Options

Leverage the various government programs that currently exist to electrify your business while we work with you to cover the remaining hardware, installation and service costs.


EV Infrastructure for Retail

Discover EV charging benefits for retail property owners and how it contributes to sustainability, revenue streams and customer satisfaction.

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Our Jule Chargers

Generate up to 150 kW of DC fast charging power to multiple EVs from as little as 50 kW from the grid.

Provided Industry Leading Charging Speeds

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Build Customer Loyalty

Our Jule Battery Hub

Upgrade your site’s electrical infrastructure without the significant installation cost, all while lowering your utility bill and increasing your resiliency.

Optimize your building’s energy distribution

Gain a stable energy supply

Future-proof your site

Less Reliance on the Grid

Trickle Charge from the grid

Use the already available power at your site to continuously store energy in the Jule Hub during the times of day utility costs are low.

Store energy in the Jule Hub

Tap into the energy you are storing to amplify the available power and fast charge multiple EVs at 150 kW each.

Manage energy efficiently

Save significantly on your operational costs by powering your facility through the Jule Hub during times of day utility costs are high.

Participate in Energy Market Trading

Gain the ability to participate in demand response programs to earn revenue by redistributing energy back into the grid from the Jule Hub when it is most needed.

Premium Features

Fully Integrated Ecosystem

Our solution is uniquely designed to provide your facility with the operational flexibility and efficiency it needs. Through our intelligent Energy Management System (EMS), optimize your energy distribution where and when it is most needed.