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With a Hassle-Free Fast Charging Solution

Deliver exceptional service to your guests by offering our DC fast chargers at your hotel or resort. Make EV charging convenient, enjoyable, and keep your guests coming back.

Challenges we are solving for:

Jule's CCS and CHAdeMO charging holsters

Lack of Power Availability

Our energy storage solution is able to store available on-site power and amplify it at the level required for DC fast charging, avoiding utility involvement and mitigating infrastructure costs in the process.

Person tapping their credit card on Jule's payment system.

Lack of Revenue

We offer diversified revenue-generating solutions by capitalizing on our battery system which can provide ancillary services such as Demand Response, Peak Shaving, and more.

Jule's lighten up logo at the top of the chargers next to its lighting system.

Operational Utility Costs

Benefit from reduced energy bills thanks to our energy storage solution, allowing you to maintain healthy profit margins while providing your guests the amenities they need. 

Hospitalities we've worked with:

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