Powering Fuel & Rest Stops

By Ensuring Availability, Speed, and Flexibility

Fuel and Rest Stops are faced with a unique challenge of diversifying. Our DC fast chargers, powered by microgrid-scale energy storage, is able to provide travelers with rapid and resilient charging. By enhancing your services, reducing operating costs, and providing your site with a resilient grid.

Challenges We Solve for Fuel & Rest Stops:

Jule's CCS and CHAdeMO charging holsters

Lack of Power Availability

Our energy storage solution is able to store available on-site power and amplify it at the level required for DC fast charging, mitigating infrastructure and operational energy costs in the process.

Person tapping their credit card on Jule's payment system.

Deployment Delays

We offer a solution that can be deployed rapidly, allowing you to meet the growing need for EV charging without delay and start capturing business.

Jule's lighten up logo at the top of the chargers next to its lighting system.

Lack of Operational Resilience

Our advanced technology guarantees reliable on-site power, ensuring you are able to provide uninterrupted services to travelers. Scale your services as needed and remain agile to adapt to industry changes.

Explore our charging solutions and boost your fuel/rest stop’s operations. Learn more about our offerings.

Electric vehicle parked at a Jule ev charging station.