Energy Storage Solutions

Store energy and amplify it for specific power applications in a safe and resilient manner with our Jule Hub.

Jule's Battery Hub at a fleet facility in Alaska with mountains in the background.

Amplify Power

Maximize your available energy output by generating 12 times the power to your facility. Trickle charge your Jule Hub throughout the day and discharging that accumulated energy at a faster rate to create power.

Gain Resiliency

Minimize the consequences of extreme weather conditions and grid failure by utilizing the energy stored within the Jule Hub. Provide backup power and future-proof your facility by integrating renewable technology.


Oversee your Hub’s health through our intelligent EMS software. Have complete visibility of your system status and mitigate potential component failures by monitoring critical metrics such as temperature and battery conditions.

High Power Output Applications

1 MW of continuous energy supply

Instantaneous discharge time

10% - 30% additional boost capacity

Short GIF animation showcasing how the battery Hub is able to store energy from the grid and power a facility.
Short GIF animation showcasing how the battery Hub is able to store energy from solar and the grid.

Grid Resiliency

Grid power quality correction

Prolong transformer lifetime

Load stress reduction on feeder circuit

Pre-Fabricated Solution for Rapid Deployment

Reduce deployment times by up to 6 times. All of our Jule Hubs are pre-built at our facility and shipped ready for deployment. This enables you deploy at your site by up to 6 times fast and significantly cuts capital investment costs as a result. Our technology also comes next-gen ready to your site. Easily upgrade your existing Jule infrastructure in the future by adding or replacing strings and modules in your Hubs, thereby increasing their battery capacity.

How the Solution Saves Money

Lower Deployment Cost

Our Jule Hub ships directly to your site pre-built and ready for deployment on day one. Without having the need to upgrade your existing electrical grid infrastructure, you will save on capital costs.

Peak Shaving

The Jule Hub will incrementally fill up its battery throughout the day during electricity off-peak hours, using a minimal amount of the already available power from the grid. This will enable you to use that accumulated power in the battery (instead of directly from the grid) during peak times of the day, thereby greatly reducing your utility bill.

Back-up Power

You can use the Jule Hub during grid power outages to keep your facility running without any disruptions. This will keep your facility productive and continue to provide amenities to reduce downtime during critical periods.

Renewable Integration

Take advantage of green power such as wind or solar by integrating them to our Jule Hub to store the energy they generate, increase your operational efficiency, and generate even greater operational savings in the process. Your Jule Hub will be charged directly with green power and thereby further reduce your dependency from the electrical grid as well as continue to lower your utility bill in the process.

Fully Integrated Ecosystem

Our solution is uniquely designed to provide your facility with the operational flexibility and efficiency it needs. Through our Energy Management System (EMS), optimize your energy distribution where and when it is most needed.
Infographic showcasing how the Jule Link energy management system communicates between the facility and the Hub.